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It has primarily been used in the past as a way to ICly request death penalty removals, so if you are here for that, make sure to use the Penalty Removal Request form first. Also, this is not required! While contact to John is a must for removing the death penalties, it doesn't have to be threaded out if you want to handwave it.

John is played by [personal profile] fontech and can be contacted on AIM at guynophobic or you can PM her journal. Please be patient regarding responses. If your tag isn't answered after a few days, feel free to contact her.]
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Residents of Luceti: hello again. It has been some time, hasn't it? I trust you can accept my apologies for my long absence. Matters relating to the escape of this world have demanded my attention. Most of that business has been concluded, however, and I return to you with good news- there is a way to return us to our own worlds, and it works. Several members of my team have already succeeded. There are risks, of course, and your assistance is required in order to make it permanent, but our path is at last known to us.

First, perhaps, I should tell you a story. One that's long overdue.
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Jan. 20th, 2015 01:22 am
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[and then the button is pressed]

Ah- testing, testing. Okay, it looks like we're good to go.

Yes? I think? Yes. Right.

Attention, residents of Luceti! There was... a bit of a mix-up. Sorry. You've probably all been wondering what's going on out there, aren't you? I mean, aside from what you've figured out yourselves. Well, The World of Their Future Organization is here to help!

...That's what we're called. I mean. For those who don't remember or haven't heard. It's a thing. You know, I never really understood that name until now? Because it never existed except that it's been around for hundreds of years? Time travel is so weird.

Anyway, this was supposed to be conveyed to you, like, forever ago, but then things got crazy busy and a couple of things were... overlooked? By someone. I mean. It's a big world, things happen.

But this is from Romaeus! For real! Aaaaand... go! What button is-- oh.


Greetings, residents of Luceti. I'll warn you ahead of time that the following message is pre-recorded, as I am currently on an expedition of sorts. It could be months before I return to the village [edit: it's been three so far!] and rather than leaving you all in the dark, I'd prefer to be able to convey some information immediately. [edit: or not! sorry!!]

As you've likely already deduced, the mission was a success. The cultists have been all but eliminated, General Theo saved, and the organization known as Malnosso never formed. I'm not generally one for dispensing praise, but in this instance it is deserved. Well done, you saved the world.

The main benefit of this turn of events is that it gained us several hundred years worth of resources and time not spent on fighting murderous cultists, as well as the vast majority of manpower we lost to the army or through sacrifices. With the information you brought to my past self, the progress made at this point before your venture was nothing compared to where we are now.

I will be blunt: we are going home. We're not there yet, and it's not likely to be easy, but we will succeed this time. This eternal cycle will end.

For the sake of protecting this project from outside interference, I can't share all the details yet. What I can say is that there isn't much time. A few months, perhaps. [edit: it's been three!] We're so close.

What weaknesses you have now, physical, emotional, mental- anything you struggle with. Develop them. Surpass them. They will be targeted. This could be the difference between life and an endless death for you all. Or, perhaps more importantly, the difference between remaining here forever or going home.

I can't give you an exact answer for when this will occur, but be prepared. And whatever business you wish to conclude in this place, do it soon. There may be no coming back.


Okay, here's a more up-to-date message. I'm sure Mr. Romaeus didn't know that we'd get such a big influx of newcomers, but wow, did we ever! It's been happening all over the world, in every enclosure we've got. Stragglers still appearing out in the world have been in danger of Natural Shifts, so Shift experimentation has been pretty much halted since it all started. All our manpower has been funneled to search and rescue, supply distribution, and trying to figure out just what the heck is going on. It's been a very busy couple of months!

The running theory right now is that whatever Mr. Romaeus is doing has triggered something within the planet that reversed all the Shifts we created to send people home in the first place. They used to reverse themselves at random before, because we hadn't found a permanent solution yet, but it's normally scattered and a lot slower. This was like - bam! - suddenly everybody's back. Nobody saw it coming. We're taking it as a good sign, since I don't think it would've happened if we weren't making progress, but... yeah. Downside being we're totally overloaded, now. Hundreds of years worth of sendbacks and they're all here again...

Anyway, we're a lot better off now! Which is why we're trying to get back on track with you guys. Like Mr. Romaeus said up there, you guys must have questions and he's set up a bunch of pre-recorded answers via ANI. I'll handle whatever he didn't anticipate and get a proper answer to anything we don't have immediate information for as soon as possible. Sound fair?


Oct. 26th, 2014 08:50 pm
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On the afternoon of the 26th, as instructed, another meeting takes place, this time situated in the town hall. Two men stand at the front of the meeting room; one a shorter red-skinned fellow well-known to all, the other a tall blond-haired muscular man, humanoid in appearance, standing next to him. The blond man takes a step forward first, hands folded behind his back. Some may recognize him from his earlier appearance on the journal network, though he seems completely different now. No longer is he the jovial man of a few days ago, now taking on a much more serious demeanor.

"Thank you all for attending our second meeting today. My name is Tyr Hymirson, the leader of this village. I trust you're all already familiar with my companion, Romaeus." He motions to the man next to him.

"As you're all aware, you've been sent here to assist us. Much as Romaeus and I work tirelessly to find a way that someday we might be able to free everyone from this world, the Resistance--whom you now know as the 'Third Party'--stands in opposition to us, having their own ideas and methods. But once, we were friends. Comrades. Their leader, Theobald, was once someone I considered--and do still consider--to be one of my closest friends. But something changed in him, and he eventually became our enemy. But with the information we've gained, we now know it's not too late to save him. If he can be convinced to rejoin us once more… Then I know we can be successful in accomplishing our goals."

Tyr turns, and walks to his left. A large map-like diagram is set up, which he begins to motion as he continues to speak.

Image under here )

"Right here is where we are currently located.", he says, motioning to the black dot signifying their location. "And over here is where the Resistance has set up their base. Once, we had another enclosure in this area, but it was wiped out. I plan on assembling a team of your very best to go. Our route is as follows: we will travel up the river to the other end. A port enclosure has begun forming near there. We'll be able to use that to travel to our destination. I've spent the past few days making the necessary preparations already. I'll make my selection from the lot of you and notify who I select personally. We'll be departing in three days' time. Please prepare yourselves.

There is one thing I want to emphasize here. We are not going here to fight. If at all possible, I want to avoid any unnecessary deaths. Death and the rules it chooses to play by here are what has turned Theobald into the man he is now. Our mission is to either persuade him or capture him if that can't be done. Is that clear?" His eyes narrow and his voice drops as he says that last sentence.

It's at this time that he takes a step back. "Now, I understand Romaeus has something he'd also like to discuss with you all. Rommy, if you'd please."

Romaeus makes a face at the nickname, but he's long used to it, so he speaks up. "Obviously, not everyone will be able to accompany Tyr- peace does not begin with the march of an entire army. We would like to keep enough people here in the area to protect ourselves and the research we have done over the years, in case this mission does not end well. I understand that you have been trapped in a small area for a very long time, however, and it would be unfair not to allow you to explore the world. Therefore, I offer a compromise: explore as you please, but there is a list of resources I require for my research, as well as directions on where you might find them. Anything you find would be useful, particularly since a number of these resources are required for the technology that will send you back to the time you came from."

He tugs a sheet from his labcoat pocket and tacks it to the board beside Tyr's map. "Additionally, work still must be done within town, for those who cannot or will not travel beyond the village. Farming and preparation for the potential of war, should this fail, but I will also welcome any help offered with the construction of my equipment. Help me help you, yes? Perhaps some of you might appreciate first-hand knowledge of how to build and repair artificial shifting equipment." He offers them all a calm grin, though the situation is anything but. "Any questions?"

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This morning, a message is broadcast over the journal system, a cheerfully written message:

"Attention, all residents: there will be a meeting held at the town hall today at 4PM. All newcomers of the enclosure are invited and encouraged to attend the meeting ONE HOUR prior for a special guide to life in our town! We hope to see you all there and will be very happy to answer any questions you might have. Please note that this meeting will start on time, so arrive early in order to not miss anything!"

And in a precise and sternly elegant hand below:

"As the saying goes: if you're early you're on time, if you're on time you're late, and if you're late you're in trouble. Don’t get in trouble."

Those who attend the early introductory meeting will find it to be... not exactly as advertised. The doors will be open early. Inside, the hall has a similar layout to that of the modern day school - same building, after all - but with offices and supply rooms rather than classrooms. Romaeus is there, looking more or less the same as his modern-era counterpart, and he is hanging out near the stairs with a blonde-haired woman with large wings that some long-term Lucetians might find familiar.

When the hour chimes, Romaeus locks the entrance doors, leaving the woman to keep watch, and guides the arrivals down into the basement. They are led to a side of the wall near the back that opens up at Romaeus's touch to reveal the underground tunnels. These, too, are different: bright, clean, and freshly maintained, rather than the dusty and rusted out hallways people would know them to be. It's an active lab now, with a number of closed-off rooms, heavy doors to each side for laboratories and the pursuit of science. He ignores them all, leading them further down into the deeper parts of the tunnels, to a large room that seems, for the most part, unused. Once everyone is inside and quiet, he begins.

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[At about 9 in the morning, there's a decidedly different face on the network. Young, charismatic-looking, and with a strong aura to him, it's a face few would recognize.]

Well, it seems the population of our humble village has really grown while I was out! I'm sorry I couldn't speak with you sooner. Business called, unfortunately, but Rommy's told me much about you.

...Oh, right, where are my manners? I'm known as Tyr, and most consider me to be the leader of the village. Such a title doesn't matter to me though, as long as I can help. But enough about me, I wish to hear about you all! Rommy said he'll be speaking with you all soon about your mission here, and that we'll be working together soon enough, but I honestly can't wait any longer for him. Rommy's always so meticulous about these things, I'm not sure when he might take action.

I understand you're all from the future. I was hoping we would have been able to send everyone home, but I suppose it's not such an easy task. Tell me, how is the village in the future? How are its people? And how goes the effort to release everyone from this world? What are your home worlds like? But most importantly...

...What is it like to travel through time? We've had a number of colorful figures come here, including those who would be considered "aliens" or "espers", but never time travelers! ...Ahaha, I apologize for so many questions at once, but I can't help it. It's not every day this happens, after all.
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Rin Okumura, I require your presence in the Battle Dome.

The rest of you, kindly pay attention, as I'd rather not have to repeat myself. Tomorrow morning - that is, the morning of October 1st, going by the ever-popular Earth calendar everyone seems to favour - an Artificial Shift will occur and pull you back in time, similar to the one a number of you experienced in the Zompania enclosure. Unlike that shift, however, this time you'll be going back years, not days. A few hundred, give or take. Your enclosure existed back then, more or less, but the technology level of that era was... lacking, to say the least. A few of you might remember the old days, so just imagine them older still. Establish yourselves and get comfortable, as you may be there for an extended period. This is not your typical shift, and the Malnosso are unaware of what's happening. Keep it that way.

You'll receive instructions after you arrive. I can't give you specifics because it's really up to you to make any progress, but you're a smart group. I'm sure you'll figure it out. Bring with you only what you can carry- necessities, not luxuries. If all goes according to plan, you'll return to your homes as they are now with no harm done. I can offer you no guarantees, however trust me when I say that everything you leave behind is better here rather than there.

Rise early, be prepared, try not to throw up. It's a significant jump and I can't promise it'll be a pleasant experience. I'd apologize, but it really is for your own good. Best of luck to you, and hopefully you'll fare better than those of the past did.
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[The Commandant is in a small briefing room; those who got to catch a flight on the Revenge might recognize the spartan decoration and color scheme as consistent with her ship, though this wasn’t a room anyone had a chance to see. The Commandant sits at a spotless and spit-shined glass-topped table, leaning back comfortably in her chair.]

Residents of the Luceti enclosure:

I’ve been informed that your dead should all have returned to you by now, so it’s time for this long-overdue debriefing to commence.

A brief overview of the situation you were dropped in to, since I realize it might not have been apparent from the ground. After the Third Party invaded multiple enclosures last year, they left behind a number of sleeper agents. Many of them were caught. The ones in Quell, Pagoda, and Zompania were not. Those enclosures were retaken by the Third Party from within, and by the time the MSF was alerted, we had a war with too many fronts. Intelligence indicated that Zompania was the most important point to retake, but the amount of resistance met was unexpected and severe.

The Third Party had, as many of you personally experienced, developed a weapon that would act as a wide-area-covering mass sacrifice. Many of the residents of Quell, Pagoda, and Zompania were killed by the Third Party in order to power this weapon. The good news is that you stopped them from actually using it. And in so doing, you captured the so-called scientists who had developed it.

We still don’t know if this has completely crippled the Third Party’s ability to make more such weapons. But we are on the alert, and our own researches are working ceaselessly to find some way of detecting or disrupting anything like this in the future.

MSF losses in the battle were extremely heavy, and many of our soldiers were sacrificed by the Third Party instead of killed in a more recoverable way. If you had friends among the MSF, a full casualty list has now been compiled and will be made available.

I’m not overly given to praise, but in this case you have earned it. You were dropped into a terribly mismanaged battle, and performed admirably in spite of the odds. You achieved your mission goals, and then held the city until we could break the siege.

Well done. [She’ll only ever say this once, but coming from her that should be more than enough. And there’s the brief flash of a smile, only a bit predatory.]

My troops have a saying: the only reward for a job well done is another job. You’ve shown yourselves to be competent. I have need for competent people.

I’ve had my staff begin to assess your current system for going on missions, and the missions available. Expect there to be changes in the near future. Many of you have expressed a desire to be more connected to current events and a willingness to intervene. I am very aware of this.

Since breaking the siege, we have driven the active Third Party forces from the enclosures of Pagoda, Quell, and Zompania. I now have need of people to act in a non-military capacity. Pagoda and Quell both suffered significant damage and need to be rebuilt, and the remnants of their populations require help recovering from their ordeal. Zompania will be razed and the surrounding area must be cleared. Working conditions in all locations will be primitive, difficult, and potentially dangerous, but with no combat.

Consider this your job interview. Volunteers for these missions can speak with me directly. Technical details will follow shortly.

Also, it’s been brought to my attention that your ocean temporarily disappeared and gave you access to some ruins. Did you find anything of interest?
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Residents of Region 6:

I hope by now you’ve noticed that there is a large-scale battle ongoing in Region 13, and that casualties have been extremely high. [She is extremely angry about how this battle has been mismanaged; while her demeanor is as stern as always, this shows in a certain tightness to her expression.] This is the same battle that many residents of your enclosure were drafted into yesterday morning. Further reinforcements are necessary.

I am on my way there now with my own battalion, but I have been asked to stop at your enclosure by someone who has no small amount of faith in you. [Her tone indicates that she’s of the opinion that faith has likely been misplaced.] Combat is constant and heavy in Region 13, though people who are able to man ships or fill in necessary non-combatant roles will also be useful. Anyone competent who wishes to volunteer will be accepted.

I will depart within the hour. You have until then to make your decision.
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[At 2:15AM, the journals suddenly blare out an alarm, followed by this message.]

EMERGENCY. EMERGENCY. This is an emergency.

The following occupants of the Luceti enclosure must report to the teleporters in twenty minutes. You are required as reinforcements in Region 13. Bring all necessary armaments with you. You will be teleported directly into combat.

Anyone who fails to comply will be forcibly escorted to the teleporters by droids.

This is not a drill. I repeat: this is not a drill. You have twenty minutes.

[The message repeats twice more, the alarm continuing until the twenty minutes has elapsed. No questions will be answered.]
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[This entry is not backdated.]

Good evening, citizens of Luceti. It is now February 18th***, and we have of course just concluded the annual celebration of our favourite "Earth" holiday. We know the shifts that occur during this time of year are decidedly unpleasant to you all, but we love, well, love, and it's not as if we get to really celebrate and have fun around here. Do you know how long our shifts are in the research division? I swear they REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED

--I apologize for the above misinformation. I have just been reminded by my superiors to let you all know that we are very well-treated here, and that you should aspire to join our ranks one day at our very prestigious organization. However, your presence in the Luceti enclosure is equally important, so please, don't resent your treatment this past week. It is, after all, a holiday for everyone.

Speaking of holidays, we wish to apologize for the sudden disappearance of several of our key spokespersons. ...Well, holiday is perhaps the wrong word. Disappearance is not, however. Really, we're not sure where they are. Or when they disappeared. But they definitely have.

The whereabouts of the following organization members is currently unknown:

Molly REDACTED - MIA / Wanted for suspected espionage
REDACTED REDACTED, known publicly as Bilirubin or Catherine - Confirmed traitor, wanted alive, guilty of treason, terrorism, vandalism, conspiracy, murder, attempted murder, arson, child abduction, public nuisance, indecent exposure. Reward upon capture.

...Really, none of that is We apologize for any inconveniences due to the above absences, and will certainly keep you informed whenever we gain new information on the issue. At least, when it is deemed necessary that you know. Anyone with information pertaining to the above individuals should come forward immediately to share what they know.

Thank you for your attention. I will stand by for any questions you might have for the remainder of the day!

[A short while later (possibly after the error has been pointed out), an addendum is made; the date at the top is crossed out and the following message is given:]



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[ A young girl’s voice honeyed with sweetness and audacity articulates this message. It then appears in the journal in scrawling, formal handwriting. ]

Dear me, I don’t believe I’ve come a moment too soon. You people do get into all sorts of trouble down here, don’t you? [ She giggles. ] But you needn’t worry about that much longer. I’m here to help.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alice, and I have been assigned to this fine enclosure as your therapist. Now, I know at first blush, that might not sound particularly appealing - and I might not sound particularly qualified. But I assure you that the organization and myself have only your best interests at heart. I’ve been doing this for - well, I suppose a few lifetimes now! And it’s my personal philosophy that there is no problem too deep that it can’t be rooted out by some tea, a few good cries and a very long talk or two. Oh - just think of the things we can discuss together! Your love life, friends that have forgotten you, death penalties, Shifts that scarred your dear, bleeding hearts! [ She sighs wistfully. ] I simply cannot wait to get started.

The first step to recovery is admitting one has a problem, so if you’d like to schedule a session with me, you only need to respond to this message and I will be more than happy to meet with you. However...we understand there may be some who will resist such opportunities. While your reluctance is, ahem - regrettable, we are not interested in aggravating anyone unnecessarily.

I will summon individuals at random - the selection process is a bit, ah - hmm, fickle - and you will find it to your personal benefit to accept such invitations. Certain privileges may become unavailable to those who do not, and why make unnecessary trouble for yourself? I would advise against it, and as I am now the advisor for each and everyone one of you, you ought to consider listening to me.

I am beyond thrilled to be serving you in this capacity, dear Lucetians. Let’s start feeling better, shall we? Please - if you have any questions for me, I am more than happy to answer them now. I’m looking forward to tearing into your deepest, darkest secrets!

(( OOC info and sign-ups for therapy can be found right here. ))
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[The message is voiced, and then delivered minutes later in typed format courtesy of his secretary. Ain't she a peach?]

You blew it up, you maniacs! Ha. Sounded as good as I thought it would.

Yesterday, there was a big goddamn explosion in Region Nine. Seems the Iron Eye built quite the weapon. Enough that an entire city of cultists was wiped out of existence. Personally, I'm not shedding any tears over their loss. But the fact is, people are talking. Talking about who was involved. About the fact that a certain group of volunteers from a certain highly regarded enclosure managed to completely miss this during their investigation. Now, me, I don't like to lay blame at people. Maybe you people really are that incompetent. Hell, wouldn't be the first time you lot managed to bungle things.

Or maybe you helped blow those bastards out of existence. In which case? Have a drink on me. Seriously. I just approved two dozen kegs of high quality beer to arrive in your local pub. You're all going to need it, given how awful you must feel about yourselves. Congratulatory drink? Ha! Don't bet your life on it. Matter of fact, I'm making other arrangements. Psychotherapy for all of you. We'll put the best of the best to figure out what the hell is wrong with you people and get you back on the straight and narrow. Clearly all of you are unbalanced, going around turning into kids, blowing things up, and dealing with invasions.

Speaking of invasions - our bad. Turns out, our security wasn't as well secured as we liked. One of our own used his access codes to get in there. Count Zompano, as a matter of fact. Another thing that was bungled up. Well, we fixed it. Made the barriers harder to break than ever. If you don't believe me, go up to it and punch it as hard as you like. I'll bet you a hundred credits that if you do, your fist will bounce back into your face and break your nose. Which would be hilarious, but I don't recommend it. But if you do, bring a camera. Matter of fact, I'll give twenty mission points to the first person who gets me a picture of it. Honest to science I will.

Bad news, though. Extra security means that the defense system against natural Shifts isn't what it used to be. Fact is, it's operating at 99%. So if you happen to turn blue or freeze in place for a week, don't panic! It's perfectly normal and it will wear off. Probably. So please don't send us messages complaining to us about it. Fact is: we don't care. It just makes more work for my secretary to have to go through and delete them all. The poor woman is overworked enough.

Last order of business. Bilirubin, known to you as Sir Catherine, is a traitor to the organization and considered extremely dangerous. If any of you spot him, you give us a holler right away. We'll see to it you're properly awarded for doing so.
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My dear people of Luceti --

An invasion, all under the guise of a fantasy. What’s been done will not be forgotten. Certainly not by you, and not by the denizens of a dozen other enclosures who suffered similar attacks at the same time. As we speak, programmers and engineers hard at work combing through the barrier’s nuts and bolts. If the Cultists and his Lordship exploited some natural weakness in the dome, they will find it. Patch it up. Curious, isn’t it, that the Count chose yours to invade with his own two feet?

But there are other matters to discuss. I spoke with some of you only a few months ago. Let me announce more completely what I, back then, only intimated. I’m Carol, and I intend to spend some time in our little town. If you like, you can consider my resolve to continue my work here a sign of good faith. I remain unarmed and -- I assure you -- wholly peaceable. In this way, I hope I may have faith in you as well. After all, we are kin in a strange kind of way.

It is my duty -- as well as my pleasure -- to be Luceti’s liaison with the Organization. You must have many questions, concerns, and many many curses. Bring them to me, and we’ll see what can be done. We can talk here. But if any of you find the journals distasteful, you can also come have a seat with me at the sweet little tea shop. I’ll be there for the afternoon.

[As usual, this voiced post has a neatly typed 'written' section as well.

A thread with CJ can be found here.]
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Greetings, Luceti. I see you've managed to open the proverbial Pandora's Box. I was wondering when that would happen.

More seriously, however- no doubt most of you have noticed the widespread issue that's resulted from that decision. Some might even recall a similar experience occurring years ago. If you're concerned about the affected residents meeting their unfortunate ends once again, well, that's unlikely. Death wouldn't be a particularly beneficial alternative to what you've unleashed this time.

However, there's still the matter of sorting out the spirits now. I'm interested in hearing what you lot have already tried when it comes to dealing with what you've unlocked, but my advice for getting the black spirit to relinquish control is to let the rest do the work for you. Last time this happened, I was able to fix it, but it's beyond my power now.

Discuss it amongst yourselves, trade your theories; I'm sure you'll come up with something. I'll help with what I can. Sooner would be better, though- I make no promises that my former comrades won't take measures to deal with you if this isn't resolved internally within a few weeks.

[ooc: arright kids, true to John's word, he'll be overseeing the discussion. He won't be telling people how to fix this problem, but he'll answer whatever questions he can and give some advice here and there. see what you can work out amongst yourselves and feel free to ping me if I'm needed and don't show up. if nothing comes up within a week, we'll throw you a more obvious bone or two. tally ho~]
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[Appearing on the journals is a written message as follows. A voice option is provided for a computerized reading of the text.]

Attention Luceti Residents.

The following names are being called to participate in a strike against the cultist hordes:
[the names listed here appear on the journal.]

All subjects are required to arrive at the tunnels at 8AM on the 27th of March for deployment. All listed individuals are required to be present. Subjects will then be escorted to TERRACE for battle preparation and further details.

Target will be Region One, a former Malnosso stronghold, presently in cultist hands. Subjects are advised to prepare for combat in forested areas. Further information will be made available at TERRACE. Questions and answers will not be provided at this time.

[The Malnosso will not reply to this message, but everyone is free to use this post to discuss among themselves, whether using voice options on the journal or doing action threads.]
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[In the afternoon, the enclosure receives a message from none other than Mr. Catherine himself. He hasn't been heard from by the village since his death last June. Remarkably not only does he sound chipper and full of life, but the old raspiness that identified him as an old man is gone. In fact, he sounds quite full of life, like a young man high on life.]

Goodness gracious, how long has it been? Nearly a year, I should think, since we truly ever talked. Not counting that nasty business where I died. Best forgotten, that.

Now then, I suppose you've been beside yourselves with concern about my whereabouts. Well fret not, I've been hard at work! I'm not quite the CEO of the Malnosso, but I have made remarkable progress. You all have been quite helpful to that as well. We are quite a team, the lot of us! Wit and might mixed together for a remarkable combination of change. I suspect we could do most anything if we worked together!

In any case, to business. As you might guess, you will be undergoing an experiment soon. No doubt your more experienced 'old feathers' have enlightened most of you on what to expect. I realize this is all terribly frustrating. The heart strings are quite the delicate things, but it is very important. I won't be involved in running the experiment, but I've been assured that this will provide some absolutely astounding data in the future of Shift research. Your participation, willing or not, it is greatly appreciated.

Ahh- what else? Oh yes. I suppose you wonder what I'm up to? Well, it's quite exciting. I'm at Sirry Crags! The mountains, oh yes. The skies are perfectly clear. Blue skies abound! Not a single cultist dots the skies. Indeed, they haven't been spotted here in months. Mark that one for a victory. After hundreds of years, this mountain range is finally free from those nasty cultists. Exciting, isn't it?

NPC Filters )
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G-Good morning, Luceti. For those of you wh-who are new here, my n-n-name is Molly.

I have been living in the enclosure f-f-for a f-few months now. As of my last m-message on this network, I t-told you all I would b-be serving in a new capacity.

[ Referring, of course, to this post. ]

Once again, a-anyone who w-wishes to trade inform-m-mation with me may do so. T-Today, I will be in the clothing s-s-store all day. I will answer a-any questions y-y-you might like to ask me, up t-to a point.

Anyone wh-who wishes to trade information m-may do so. Information th-that can be traded i-i-is limited t-to anything you have learned wh-while on a mission outside o-o-of the enclosure. Information I possess w-will be your reward in t-t-turn. The terms of this exchange a-a-a-are non-negotiable.

[ The message ends there. True to her word, Molly will be in the clothing store all day, sitting on a chair that was not there before in the corner. When not talking to someone, she will be found reading a book and generally keeping to herself. She will not speak to anyone unless approached. Lucetians may reply to this post via video, go see her in an action thread, or, of course, do both. ]
malnosso: (The Manager)
Hello once again. Here I am stopping in for an update. I bet if you're new here, you're thinking to yourself right now, "What is MARS? Who is this strange man speaking on the journals? How can I help him?" All fine questions. I'll take them one at a time. First of all, MARS is the Malnosso Assignment and Reward Service. We assign, you serve, we give a reward. Simple enough that a child could do it. In fact, sometimes they do. As for me, I'm no strange man. No sir, you can call me CJ. I'm the Resident Perceptions Manager of this project. Think of me as the man who's here to tell you that there isn't evil boogiemen out to get you. Just businessmen. And scientists. And we're not out to get you. Just experiment with you a bit and see what makes you tick. Completely on the up and up.

Point of fact, Luceti passed the ethical inspection this year. Another year with high marks. Sure, some of the residents brought the score down. But don't worry, we won't hold it against you. At least I won't. In fact, I'm damn proud to know you folks. Let me just step out of my announcement a moment here to personally congratulate those who were sent to handle the Depot 8 situation. That was some damn fine work you did out there. Those FTSA nutjobs got what was coming to them. Hell, a month ago, a bunch of those hippies beat my car in with baseball bats. Well, no need to worry about that. Now that we captured some of their ringleaders, it'll be an easy task putting them to rest. Again, excellent job. You all earned your rewards. Hell, I'd give you double, but it's not in the budget.

But I'll tell you what is. Every single one of you have a chance to earn forty points without stepping foot out of your enclosure. See, there's some concerns out there that some of you are a little prone to violence. Your interactions with other enclosures has some of the ethics committee concerned that those drafts are turning you all into a walking bunch of murderous monsters. My opinion? Anyone that wants to go murder a cultist is someone I'd like to buy a beer. But I digress. So here's the deal. An experiment's starting in just a few hours to change things up a bit. But you can relax, because this time around, we're not interested in warping your brains. No, we're saving that for another cycle. What we are planning is turning this village into a random hodgepodge of tacky locations for you to check out.

Now let's talk business. In these five areas, I want you to collect two particular items from each one. Hell, I'll go ahead and give them catchy names for you. In the Nile, I want a ceremonial dagger and some of the Pharaoh's treasure. In the Shogunate, I'd like to see a samurai sword and some of that water you find in a kappa's head. Over in the Ice Age, let's take a moment to pity the poor sods waking up there, I'm expecting a bone spear and a smilodon's tooth. In the Space Opera zone, get me a raygun and a part off a robot. Finally, over in Gangland, see if you can't find one of those fancy Tommy Guns and some car keys to a Studebaker. Now here's the catch, adventurers. Violence is not the answer. It's one answer, but this experiment's been programmed to make that one the most difficult of all. We want to see you put your clever minds towards collecting these items without any unnecessary destruction or killing. Make your region proud, Lucetians. The Kin'corans already passed with flying colors.

So what's your incentive here? Forty points in the MARS program. That's enough for the big rewards, kids. And if you like those, you can sign up for the real missions later on. Be a hero. Be a scientist. Be useful. That's all for now. Best of luck and try to avoid aggravating the mastodons.

((Note: CJ replies will have to come tomorrow, but there WILL be replies!))
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