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On the afternoon of the 26th, as instructed, another meeting takes place, this time situated in the town hall. Two men stand at the front of the meeting room; one a shorter red-skinned fellow well-known to all, the other a tall blond-haired muscular man, humanoid in appearance, standing next to him. The blond man takes a step forward first, hands folded behind his back. Some may recognize him from his earlier appearance on the journal network, though he seems completely different now. No longer is he the jovial man of a few days ago, now taking on a much more serious demeanor.

"Thank you all for attending our second meeting today. My name is Tyr Hymirson, the leader of this village. I trust you're all already familiar with my companion, Romaeus." He motions to the man next to him.

"As you're all aware, you've been sent here to assist us. Much as Romaeus and I work tirelessly to find a way that someday we might be able to free everyone from this world, the Resistance--whom you now know as the 'Third Party'--stands in opposition to us, having their own ideas and methods. But once, we were friends. Comrades. Their leader, Theobald, was once someone I considered--and do still consider--to be one of my closest friends. But something changed in him, and he eventually became our enemy. But with the information we've gained, we now know it's not too late to save him. If he can be convinced to rejoin us once moreā€¦ Then I know we can be successful in accomplishing our goals."

Tyr turns, and walks to his left. A large map-like diagram is set up, which he begins to motion as he continues to speak.

"Right here is where we are currently located.", he says, motioning to the black dot signifying their location. "And over here is where the Resistance has set up their base. Once, we had another enclosure in this area, but it was wiped out. I plan on assembling a team of your very best to go. Our route is as follows: we will travel up the river to the other end. A port enclosure has begun forming near there. We'll be able to use that to travel to our destination. I've spent the past few days making the necessary preparations already. I'll make my selection from the lot of you and notify who I select personally. We'll be departing in three days' time. Please prepare yourselves.

There is one thing I want to emphasize here. We are not going here to fight. If at all possible, I want to avoid any unnecessary deaths. Death and the rules it chooses to play by here are what has turned Theobald into the man he is now. Our mission is to either persuade him or capture him if that can't be done. Is that clear?" His eyes narrow and his voice drops as he says that last sentence.

It's at this time that he takes a step back. "Now, I understand Romaeus has something he'd also like to discuss with you all. Rommy, if you'd please."

Romaeus makes a face at the nickname, but he's long used to it, so he speaks up. "Obviously, not everyone will be able to accompany Tyr- peace does not begin with the march of an entire army. We would like to keep enough people here in the area to protect ourselves and the research we have done over the years, in case this mission does not end well. I understand that you have been trapped in a small area for a very long time, however, and it would be unfair not to allow you to explore the world. Therefore, I offer a compromise: explore as you please, but there is a list of resources I require for my research, as well as directions on where you might find them. Anything you find would be useful, particularly since a number of these resources are required for the technology that will send you back to the time you came from."

He tugs a sheet from his labcoat pocket and tacks it to the board beside Tyr's map. "Additionally, work still must be done within town, for those who cannot or will not travel beyond the village. Farming and preparation for the potential of war, should this fail, but I will also welcome any help offered with the construction of my equipment. Help me help you, yes? Perhaps some of you might appreciate first-hand knowledge of how to build and repair artificial shifting equipment." He offers them all a calm grin, though the situation is anything but. "Any questions?"

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[ Rin actually has a hand raised after all that, even if he's trying to process all of it and figure out where he'd be the most helpful, but... ]

Um uh - what wiped out that old... enclosure? It wasn't those Third Par-- err, Resistance guys, was it?

[ Were they already killing people...? ]
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It was indeed. Agora, as it was called, was completely overtaken. We have no idea what the fate of the people there was, but I imagine it wasn't good.
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--they're already killing people like that? [ And we're trying to... change them? Or he- he keeps getting visions about Zompania, paling a bit ]
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Aye. That's why we must stop them before it's too late to do so.

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[It's a lot to take in. Decisions would have to be made fairly quickly, but he would still wait to see who would be volunteering to talk to Theobald. The mention of first-hand knowledge of how to build and repair Shifting equipment catches his attention, as it's been something of deep interest to several people over the years.]

What kind of technology familiarity is needed to build your equipment?
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I suppose it would depend on how many volunteers I end up with. I can find a job easily enough for those who can at least follow instructions; there are engineers more familiar with this technology who can direct those with less experience. A few experts would be more appreciated, however.
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[Varying degrees of assistance. It was certainly better than being entirely unable to take advantage of the opportunity.]

My knowledge of your Shifting technology is largely on the research itself, so I would appreciate an opportunity to learn, despite coming from a world lacking in advanced technology.

I will also help prepare the village for the possibility of war; we previously had to do so when the General attacked with a force of approximately 300 Elites.

[The term as it existed within the Third Party may not exist at this time, but the word was rather self-explanatory.]
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...It's... very strange, to hear him called that.

[But that's personal, and it's not what they're here for.]

I'm well aware of your capabilities, and I can assure you that your expertise will be welcome here. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst, I believe is the phrase?

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sorry for the delay!

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no worries!

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Can you tell us the actual reason that this Theobald defected?

[There's no better word for what's happened.]

Or will that be explained to those who are selected for the diplomacy mission?
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Less of a defection and more of a conflict of interest, if I were to be especially technical. It isn't as if we ever forged some sort of contract to be allies.

[He shrugs.]

The truth of the matter is, even with all the memories of my future self, I'm not entirely certain what pushed him over the edge. Time spent in this place and the number of deaths and rebirths he's experienced have weakened his mind and stolen much of the man he used to be, to the point where only Julia knows his true self. And I have my suspicions- those of you who have had negative experiences with the spirits within this enclosure can surely understand how they can... affect the mind. If that's what is causing this problem, then this is a rescue mission more than anything else.
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So, you think it is a simple case of his will breaking down under stress and he hopes everyone from the cycle of death and rebirth?

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How much hands-on work would ya give the people who offer to help with the machines?

[There were a great many details in this plan that Cliff was curious about, but he believed that people would jump on the details of the mission without much prompting.

Though he was a fighter, he was also a gearhead. He missed this kinda work.]
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As much or as little as you please, I suspect. This particular equipment must be created from the ground up, and while I'm the only one who knows the code to be written into the system, the machinery itself will require plenty of helping hands. Anyone who can read a blueprint and work with tools is welcome.
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[Well, this was definitely the most interesting thing Luke had heard in a long, long while.]

I'm more than willing to help you with the technical aspects. What would you need me to do? And would you object to showing me how some of the coding? I'm not a terrible slicer, myself and I'd like to know more about this world's technology in general.

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[Romaeus's smile becomes a thin line of mild disapproval at that.]

No offensive is intended, but I hope you understand that I'm not prepared to grant Shifting capabilities to people I hardly know. And even if I was, it's taken a very long time to develop this technology. It's not something I can teach in such a short time.
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Of course. Whatever you're willing to allow. I'm handy with machines, and they fascinate me.

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Yeah, I got the no killing thing down pretty well, but if shit goes down is everyone other than Theo free game?

[Just kind of throwing that out there]

I mean, talking worse case, knock on wood, someone jump on a grenade bad scenario, but I would like some clarification. Also, do we have tranquillizer guns if we need to go on the capture route?
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You are to avoid any unnecessary deaths. [His tone is deep, forceful, and commanding.] Is that clear?

We're unable to provide any weaponry beyond what may be available here, which isn't much beyond your standard fare.
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[Deadpool yawns a bit]

Fine fine, hippie brigade I got ya.

[He makes a face]

Seriously? You don't have like herbs that are paralyzing agents, or like some sort of knock-out gas? At least tell me you have some flash-bangs of some variety.

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[The opportunity to get hands-on experience with Shifting equipment is a tempting one, as is the chance at exploring this world. Kicking it around in the back of his head, he focuses on the subject of Tyr's mission all the same.]

How long has it been, since Theobald and you guys have gone your separate ways?
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In all honesty, not very long in the grand scheme of things. Within the last decade, I would say.
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[That's good. Shorter than he'd figure. To the eyes of someone who can live on this planet for a millennia, that'd hardly be anytime at all, wouldn't it? Knowing John - Romaeus - this time window is their best chance for more than one reason.]

Can you tell me anything about his behavior in the time leading up to that? Anything he said that might've stuck out at you?
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Umm- [ well, he might as well ask since he's studying that list (so going to have to copy that down) ] Do you have a map of the other places you want us to get the stuff?
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We're rather lacking in cartography skills here now, so this is all we're able to offer here. Please, if you're able to, map out the other regions. It would be greatly appreciated.
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Oh! Um - I'll ask around! Maybe someone I know can help! [ He does know a few people... ]

But I've got another question, about the ore. You find that inside mountains, right? So we have to break into the mountains to get it?