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Mission Registration and Details

[The following can be found on the back pages of the journal.]


A message from the Malnosso Organization.

Welcome Luceti subjects! I'm the RP Manager around here, known as C.J. to my co-workers. What's the RP stand for? Resident Perceptions. As you may have heard in the past, Luceti is a proud organization going back decades, known to everyone as being a family friendly company out to get everyone the hell out of here and back to where they belong. That's right, we're the same organization that brought you safe and protected Shift-free cities using state of the art Shift machinery!

But not relevant to you folks. I'm here to offer you lot something special. In order to improve your perceptions on the company and more importantly, the company's perceptions on you, we're going to offer you folks a chance to prove yourself. We're short on manpower and you people are some of the best this entire world's got to offer. A regular bunch of super special winners is one way to put it. In exchange for doing this missions, we've got prizes. And points. Points and prizes, stuff to give you a little incentive to do your best.

These missions are perfectly humane and volunteer only. You put your names down for what you want to volunteer for, we'll come and pick you up for the job. But this isn't a soup kitchen, kids. If you sign up, you've got to be willing to go out there and get to it the day you're called out! You'll get a one day notification before you're sent out. Now, stay tuned. I had some of the girls in the office write up some parameters here. Read carefully.

Resident Perceptions Manager


Below this message you'll find several forms set up for signing up. To confirm yourself for a mission, you need only sign your name or make your mark in the designated area. You may only sign up using your own journal. Please do not use other journals to sign up other residents. Persons found to be falsifying information will be suspended from missions for one month.

Below are the parameters for the mission types, combat ratings, and locations.

  • Combat Observation: Subjects are shipped to Malnosso facilities to be tested in combat effectiveness. Technology in use is similar to Battle Dome scenarios.
  • Test Subject: Volunteer for Shift testing. These tests are similar to those experienced during unauthorized kidnappings. These tests are conducted humanely and with consideration.
  • Reconnaissance: Work to infiltrate a facility or scout out a previously unexplored terrain.
  • Retrieval: Recover specific objects, people, or documents
  • Ability-Specific: Missions that will sometimes require special abilities unique to certain Luceti residents, such as the ability to breathe underwater, fly, or other such powers.
  • Guerrilla Warfare: Volunteers are sent out on either solo or small group missions to conduct guerilla warfare against Third Party camps or groups.
  • Guard Duty: Protect convoys of Malnosso supplies from Third Party raids or other criminals.
  • Medical Assistance: Work either in Malnosso hospitals or on battlefields assisting Malnosso doctors in healing and care efforts
  • Labor: Missions that require physical labor or heavy physical labor of some variety (cooking, cleaning, heavy lifting, debris removal, etc)
  • Mechanical Maintenance: The upkeep and repair of non-specialized Malnosso machinery, buildings, etc
  • World Research: Volunteers are assigned to research history, culture, magic, or another facet of other worlds

[[ OOC Note: The following does not include descriptions. Characters will receive automatic ratings based on the decision of their player based on the following criteria. ]]

  1. Level 1 - Noncombatant - This is your average civilian. They either have no combat skills or otherwise unskilled at fighting.
  2. Level 2 - Normal Combatant - This is your average fighter. Although it is possible they possess special abilities, functionally they aren't anymore capable than an armed person in real life would be.
  3. Level 3 - Advanced Combatant - Advanced combatants may possess special powers or they may not. In general they exceed what a normal person with just their fists or a sword can do. This can be accomplished by extreme martial arts, magical abilities, or special weapon (such as a super sharp sword or modern firearms).
  4. Level 4 - Superhumans - Those who are counted as superhumans are those whose abilities or skills make them extremely difficult to take down, while also having the ability to take down regular soldiers with little difficulty. Those with destructive powers or highly advanced technology qualify here.
  5. Level 5 - Godlike - These are your gods, your Supermans, and your Saiyans. Not too many people qualify for this level. Due to their immense strength, the Malnosso will be reluctant to use people like this on missions.

  • Sirry Crags - A mountainous region that was once lightly populated, usually by tourists. Minor Third Party activity and wild animals are common. (Survival skills are highly valuable in this region.)
  • Underwater Reactor - A former Malnosso facility, still flooded underwater. The Malnosso are still conducting salvage operations, though the conditions make it hard to work with. (Only characters capable of surviving underwater qualify.)
  • Southern Farmlands - The bread basket of the world, this massive stretch of farmlands grows almost all the food used by those under Malnosso protection. It is sometimes the subject of small Third Party raids. (Mechanics are often needed for equipment and agricultural experience are highly useful here.)
  • The Jungle - A thick, impenetrable jungle that is a Third Party stronghold. The Lucetians faced their first defeat here. The Malnosso are not eager to attack again, but patrolling the area for Third Party activity is important. (Stealth and survival skills are imperative here.)
  • Abandoned Malnosso Facility - An abandoned Malnosso facility previously used by the Rogue Malnosso. It has been stripped clean of almost all equipment and personnel, but many traps and security functions are still in tact. Malfunctioning droids patrol the empty halls and sometimes there are breeches from the infamous Third Floor.
  • Simulation Testing - Sometimes the Malnosso simply require some simulations to be run. Rather than being violently kidnapped, why not just volunteer and get credit for it? These simulations range from combat scenarios, undergoing physical or personality Shifts, and so on.
  • Malnosso Mining Complex - A massive subterranean mine where the Malnosso mine a variety of invaluable metals and fossil fuels. Previously it was the subject of a battle, but the area is now deemed safe. Connected to the mine is an abandoned cultist city which is under heavy research.
  • Uncharted Desert - A vast wasteland beyond the control of the organization of the cultists. The Shifts in this area are wild and unstable, making the area incredibly dangerous.
  • Kano Harbor - A sea port across the ocean from Luceti in the east. Many ships go back and forth delivering important supplies. The harbor is sometimes targeted by cultists. The surrounding forest is known to have wild Shift Hunters.



In order to keep this operation running smoothly, the Malnosso will be forced to enforce certain guidelines and punish rule breaking. Smaller offenses such as theft, property damage, and threats will result in temporary one month suspensions from missions. More serious offenses will be dealt with as follow:

INCOMPLETION: Works on a three strike system. On the third strike, a subject will be penalized for failure using a temporary one week Shift. Points and/or reward are not given. [[ooc: these will be kidnap-like effect, such as being turned thee inches tall, mute, body of a child, etc.]]

ESCAPE ATTEMPT: Will count as 'three strikes' and result in a punishment using a Shift.

AGGRESSION AGAINST MALNOSSO: In the case of physical violence against a member of the Malnosso organization, subjects will be subject to a punishment chosen by the RP Manager to match their crime.

MURDER OF MALNOSSO: Two month penalty consisting of: power loss, Shift-enacted memory wipe of combat skills, suspension of participation in missions. As above, a suitable punishment will be chosen by the RP Manager. All accumulated points will be lost.

[[ OOC: Mission Suggestions | Mission FAQ | Nitpicker's Guide: In-Depth Information | Mission Tracking | Reward Claim
IC: Malnosso Information Post | Recurring Missions | Unique Missions | CJ's Announcement ]]



You need to sign up for Unique Missions. These are announced on the [personal profile] lucetimods journal. You may consider tracking the missions tag so you don't miss when new ones go up. A few days before a mission starts, the volunteers will be randomly selected using a random number generator. Those who are selected will have their comments unscreened for reference's sake.

Please note: If your character qualifies for multiple positions, then you may list more than one. A player may only volunteer one character per mission. If a player's character is chosen for one mission, their characters will be excluded for the mission immediately following. However, they may still volunteer for both, to increase their chances of being selected for something.